Hellebore (Lenten rose)

Located in gardens #2 and #11.

Lenten rose flowers are valued for their early-blooming quality, injecting color into the early spring landscape. The sepals are also extremely long-lasting, first emerging in early spring and persisting right through the summer. Lenten rose's foliage is a shiny, dark green.

Grape Hyacinth

Edging the wall of the driveway.

These cute little 10" plants bloom in mid-spring and add a rich purple trim to the front garden. This area is under the large oak and these plants tolerate the shade and rocky soil. And best of all, the deer do not disturb them.

Quince (Japonica)

Located in garden #2.

One of the first bloomers in early March.

Pear-shaped fruit forms during the summer months and can be used to make jelly.

As one of the earliest bloomers in the garden, it brings the first sign of spring to the Lane just after the snow melts.


Patches of blooms from March through May.

There are many species of daffodils throughout all of the various gardens. From ruffled trumpets, to miniatures, from solid yellow to white, and some with orange throats. Enough to fill many vases throughtout the house, all spring long.

Sweet woodruff

White flowers March through April.

Beautiful ground cover that adds a sparkle of white to the filtered shade of the garden #1.

The attractive foliage stays green through to snow. The flowers can be used to make wine. The foliage to make potpourri.


Found in garden #6.

Timber Lane is the path for families of deer that live in the nearby Wissahickon. Tulips are said to be "candy" for these animals.

This cute clump of tulips blooms in May through June. The deer don't seem to bother with them. Perhaps it's because they are planted close to the house.


Located under the Oak and Dogwood trees. Also at the top of the garden along the Lane.

Blooms in early to mid-spring. I found this to be a perfect way to add some color to the deep shade under the trees. It's easily propagated. Just dig up a big healthy clump and separate the fibrous roots into smaller divisions, each with 2 or 3 healthy runners attached. Then plant with a healthy amount of compost.

Bleeding Heart

Located in the garden #2.

This shade-lover begins blooming in May and is very happy in this location. It doubles in size each year. I give it a healthy dose of compost periodically. In a year or two consider dividing it.

It dies back in the summer months, but have no fear, it will come back.


Located on the patio wall.

Blooms April through early June. Prolific as well as showy, candytuft produces masses of blinding white flowers along its stems.

It is actually a low-growing evergreen shrub, so it says green all year long.

Creeping Phlox

Located on the patio wall.

Sky blue flowering groundcover. Blooms in April and May. The plants may be sheared in summer to improve their appearance.